Our services vary from regular advice to managing your whole Risk and Compliance functions for you. We understand each firm is different and tailor our services to fit your firm and its objectives. We can be external, or provide you with a regulated person, such as a Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer/Nominated Officer or non-SMF role, such as a Risk Officer.

  • Applying for authorisation and variation of permissions
  • Establishing your full compliance regime, including manuals, policies and procedures
  • Monitoring appointed representatives (AR) and financial promotions activities
  • FCA communications, regarding all compliance matters
  • Enforcement and investigations assistance
  • Assistance in preparing for FCA visits and inspections
  • Risk and compliance audits
  • Senior managers and certification regime (SM&CR), including mapping and internal certification
  • Training of staff and assisting with maintaining fit and proper status
  • Providing you with compliance related personnel, to be authorized on your firm’s register
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Programme (ICAAP)
  • Monitoring of financial promotions
  • Risk management

Claims Management Companies

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) are authorised and managed by the Financial Conduct Authority. Claims management activities are regulated activities, including lead generation and referrals to CMCs. Culverlands can assist CMCs with their compliance obligations by establishing, implementing and managing a comprehensive compliance regime. We can also can assist CMCs that have established and operating compliance systems by providing compliance audits, as required under FCA rules.

Funding Enterprises

Funding enterprises, such as venture capital firms, governmental organisations and non-profit contributors   are not always able to track specific details on the invested business  or project. You are required to ensure your investment yields a minimum  IRR and sometimes hope the management of the investee is able to deliver  as promised. Although VC funds and firm often have a seat on the board,  big picture management must be brought down to performance measurements  and tracking tools.   Social funds and governmental funding organisations regularly fund  entities for both profit and non-profit reasons. These could be social  initiatives or small business funding. What joins them all is the need  for the recipient of funding to succeed. The funder needs to ensure that  the recipient will manage and operate along contractual agreements and  principles. Monitoring should include maintaining principles within your  funding mandate and helping recipients achieve.