Your Compliance Function should be an enabler – not a prohibitor. We are  a team of qualified and skilled compliance and audit professionals with  years of relevant experience, aimed at finding solutions. Our clientele  includes small firms and firms with hundreds of millions under management.

Culverlands provides compliance solutions in various industries in which  compliance is critical. These include financial regulatory compliance  in the United Kingdom and contractually based compliance, with special  emphasis on funding – such as governmental funding initiatives, social  funding and profitable funding, such as venture capital – where the  target organisations have to meet certain criteria and continue to meet  them in order to remain funded.
Regulatory compliance has become so complex with constantly changing  rules, varying interpretations and the overlap with risk management,  that the role of the traditional compliance officer is also evolving.  The complexity means that compliance officers often need assistance and  advice. If you are unregulated, we can manage or assist your full  application to the FCA for authorisation.
We work with companies authorised and regulated by the FCA and companies and funds requiring monitoring of funding recipients.